Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next event? These are the topics Debbie crafts her speaking relationships around.


Debbie's Keynote Topics

Do you have an event that needs a soul-shaker?

My commitment to my audience is to deliver the highest standard of authenticity, "realness," and transformation. What you can count on is my understanding of a message that will call your audience to action.

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Inspirational Talk

Investigate and create the stress-free life you want
to live!

Nothing moves Debbie more than when she speaks about her own self-investigation. This journey instantly freed her from living life in a state of stress, resistance, and conflict. Opening herself to an entirely new way of living, perceiving and creating resulted in a life filled with unlimited potential and an energy system which never depletes.

Motivational Talk

THRIVE while working day in and day out in a high
stress job

Debbie shares what worked for her as a leader working in high stress careers as a nurse, state trooper, wife, and mother. Yes, wife and mother! It takes strength and knowledge to balance all of the many important roles we play in our lives. If we lack or don’t understand this knowledge, the mind and body begin to lose strength, health, and vitality. In contrast, enlightenment brings positive change.

Educational Talk

You are the investigator of your own wellbeing

Debbie teaches how to develop an investigator mindset for personal health and wellbeing. This involves sharpening your intuition and developing a communication and a relationship with your mind and body's subtle clues. It is not the job of your company, your partner, or the food industry to keep you happy and well. The clues are waiting to be discovered, and the key to happiness and wellbeing is in your hands. Don’t give away that very important responsibility to anyone.

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