Debbie is a Multi-Intuitive Spiritual Psychic Medium who is also being recognized and known for her direct translations from spirit. She uses her own self investigation connections that she has strengthened over the years to not only sees spirit, she listens and provides symbolic evidence from the other side. To further develop and strengthen her abilities she has been trained and mentored by world renowned psychic mediums Lisa Williams and Sharon Anne Klingler.


Her evidentiary readings have been crucial to many of her clients in receiving answers that have helped provide closure as well as divine purpose and understanding. Let her connect you to the magic that is already within you.

In a session, Debbie dissolves the illusion that you are separate from spirit. She connects you to that golden thread of consciousness opening your receptivity to your very own purpose and the Universal knowledge that is within you. Her guidance from spirit validates your past into your present and she illuminates the future understanding of possibilities specifically tailored to your being and presence.

Debbie offers group and one-on-one readings, and teaches intuitive development workshops / classes to help others develop and strengthen their own intuitive abilities.

What to expect from a reading with Debbie

So let’s start by defining the difference between a psychic and a medium, as the experience of a reading with each can be very distinct. We all have the incredible gift of intuition; however, some have learned to really hone that ability. A psychic is someone who tunes into that intuition and the energy around a person, place or thing to gather and share information about the past, present and future. A medium uses those same intuitive abilities, but additionally increases their own energy’s vibration in order to communicate with spirits. So, a medium receives much of their information from those in the spirit world rather than from the physical person sitting with them. Every medium is also psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

Every medium is different, just as every client and every reading is different. There are new lessons to be learned from each experience and each spirit who visits. As a medium who works with the purpose of providing light and love, Debbie receives and communicates only messages that are healing, loving and guiding. She does not receive or communicate messages that create fear or worry. After all, she believes fear and love cannot coexist, and our purpose is understanding love.

So, with that, let’s talk about some of the details of what will happen during a reading with Debbie and what you might want to know before you arrive.

First, it is best not to provide Debbie with any information prior to your reading; not even the name of the loved one you would like to reach. Debbie just asks that while we sit for the reading, you quietly tune your own energy and intentions to that loved one (or loved ones). Debbie is not able to control who visits from the spiritual world – or how long they stay – but it is always helpful to have the loving energy and intention of the client encouraging the passed loved one(s) to reach out for communication.

You should feel free to record the reading or take notes. In fact, Debbie encourages either / both as we can often forget details, and many times something that does not make sense during the reading may become very clear later. Helpful Reminder: Don’t forget to charge your phone or recorder before our session and bring it with you

Sometimes, spirits of those we would not expect to hear from make an appearance. When this happens, the spirit often has an important reason for their visit, so please participate in your reading with an open mind and an open heart. The healing that can occur based on those unexpected visits – for both the client and the spirit – is truly a blessing.


As an intuitive ( Psychic) Medium, Debbie is able to bring all of her expertise in one reading based upon your spiritual journey. She works with Spirit, your guides and your loved ones.

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Psychic Guidance ~ Getting Answers for your Spirit
  • 30 minute Session (via phone) $100.00
  • 45 minute Session (via phone) $150.00
Mediumship Reading ~ Connecting to the Afterlife
  • 60 minute session (via phone) $190
  • 60 minute Session (in-person Barkhamsted, CT office) $250

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30 Min (phone)- Psychic Medium Reading

30 Min (phone)- Psychic Medium Reading We had a reading this summer, I think it was in August.We had a 30 minute psychic medium reading where my guides came through and gave me important information about my direction in life. After being out of work for 8 months, I have found a part time job as a Assistant Recreational therapy and received a grant to go to school to become certified as a Recreational therapy!!!!! What! Yes it's true. I wanted to thank you for the work you do. The guidance you give is truly amazing and very helpful!!.

Merry Christmas and much love & Light, MerriAnne Larensen, CT/2015

60 min-In person mediumship reading

I have released a lot and feel finally that healing has begun. Wish it had been years ago, when I was younger, although I know all in due time. I am surrounded with good friends, loving ancestors, angels, spirit totem animals and enormous love of nature, who never fails me…it should be enough to continue.

Cynthia Capel, CT/2015

60 Min-group psychic reading

Hello Debbie, It was great meeting you. I asked about moving back to California. I was thrilled when you saw me returning to what I consider home even though I grew up in CT. You validated my feelings of a deep soul connection I have specifically with the Russian River area in Sonoma County. Thank you!

Janelle Sanchez, CT/2015

60 Min In-Person Medium reading

Debbie needed very little information, and the story would unfold; for better or worse; will present the information she has with an astounding accuracy. It was both amazing and revealing. I did'nt ask any questions, she just gave me the reading and reflected on connecting with my grandfather in spirit and my guides. Questions and clarification are part of the process, so nothing is being forced at you, and there are no leading questions used to derive any answers. Debbie has a tremendous talent and gift. I can state with a clear conscious that anyone considering a reading with Debbie will have an in depth understanding of events which may be unclear in your present life. Thank you again Debbie for assisting me see what i was unable to see because it was masked in the shadows of my current pain.

Erno Nandori-Law enforcement Officer-, CT-2015

60 min- In-Person Psychic Medium Reading

Debbie,Yesterday's session was amazing. I had some prior psychic medium readings but this took it to another level. Getting guidance from my Mother and Grandfather and now knowing that they are always around me to assist by providing guidance was profound. I now know who has been moving the jigsaw puzzle pieces from my card table to get my attention and give me guidance. You were able to provide some clear guidance for the situation that has troubled me deeply effecting my business and my family relationship which has helped me deeply. At the end of the session I had teared up as you connected to me at the soul level, truly understanding me for who I truly am. From living a life where I have been deeply misunderstood this was pivotal to me and my spiritual growth. So Thank you and sending you many blessings.

Ted Verplanck,Reiki master-New Hampshire/2015

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