Her evidentiary readings have been crucial to many of her clients in receiving answers that have helped provide closure as well as divine purpose and understanding. Let her connect you to the magic that is already within you.

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Giving back to law enforcement and family of missing person and/or cold cases.

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Professional Bio

Debbie Gutierrez, a life strategist, works with leaders, executives, and business professionals who want to reduce stress and workplace conflict in pursuit of a higher level of work and life success. Drawing on years of experience, extensive training, and firsthand knowledge in reaching self-mastery and surpassing the limitations we impose on ourselves, she can help you acknowledge, shift, and release what is holding you back.

A published writer and speaker, Debbie's articles have been published in Law Enforcement Today and The Illinois Law Enforcement Training Executive Institute. She has been a guest speaker on The Good News with Angie Austin Radio and Southern Connecticut State University's Women’s Empowerment Program. Connecticut's General Assembly issued an Official Proclamation Citation recognizing her as the state's First Latin Female State Trooper.

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When she's not coaching executives on how to achieve higher levels of success without the stress, you can find Debbie cooking healthy plant-based meals, meditating, traveling, hiking, biking, and writing her soon-to-be-released book, The Investigation of Self: Remove workplace conflict and achieve higher levels of success without the STRESS!


April 2000 – State Of Connecticut General Assembly official citation congratulations in recognition of becoming Connecticut’s first Latin Female State Trooper.

Nov 2006 – Certification of Recognition-signed by Connecticut Governor Judi Rell for Outstanding Service award.

April 2006 – Medal for Life Saving- awarded by The Connecticut State Police Department Of Public Safety.


Licensed Practical Nurse

Trooper First Class - Connecticut State Police - Retired 2012

Certified whole-food, plant-based nutrition through the T. Colin Campbell Foundation

Certified Professional coach - Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC)

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Are you ready to ignite your inner fire and start
living life on your terms?

Investigate and create your stress-free life NOW! Debbie's strategies are
designed to help you achieve higher levels of success, happiness, and abundance
for yourself, your community, your boss — and most importantly
your family.

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The Work

Do you DESIRE to feel EASE in your chaotic career and life? Are you ready to start SELF-INVESTIGATING how to live life instead of life living you?

What is The Investigation Of Self?

The Investigation Of SELF process is a SOLUTION for your life challenges - it Guarantees a real, lasting life TRANSFORMATION.

The 3 steps of Acknowledge, Shift and Release together create a proven formula for a permanent life change that is called The Investigation of Self.

The Investigation of SELF, is a process Debbie took herself through, which freed her completely from stress on all levels and took her on a path of self-discovery that showed her life can be lived free from fears, pain, conflict, separation and internal wars.


The formula works from an inside out approach permeating the root causes of frustration, exhaustion and struggle.

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We are the right fit if you are...

  • Open Minded
  • Tired of Feeling Stuck
  • Looking for personal & career development
  • Excited about making lasting changes
  • Motivated to learn about mind, body & soul well-being
  • Ready to look at the clues of what is holding you back
  • Looking for higher achievements and performance
  • Your values are aligned with truth, honesty and respect
  • Your priority is to turn stress into strength

...Ready to invest in you!


Personal 1:1 Intuitive Life Coaching

With Debbie, success is more than just coming up with a strategy. It is the know-how into the deeper parts of the self that ground you with who really are and how you would like to be. It’s about gaining the support you need and the confidence in your skills to become a truly brilliant being. She shows you how to investigate and create the high level of success you have always dreamed of.

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Investigate and Create

The Stress-Free

Life You want To Live


Are you looking for a keynote speaker for your next event? These are the topics Debbie crafts her speaking relationships around.

  • Investigate and create the stress-free life you want to live!
  • THRIVE while working day in and day out in a high stress job.
  • You are the investigator of your own wellbeing.

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